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Readers Favorite gives Organizing for Your Lifestyle 5 Stars! Reviewer Jack Magnus says, "I was impressed with her obvious flair for design, and often wondered why Stoller hadn't been snapped up by one of the designer houses as an organizational guru." 


After reading Organizing for Your Lifestyle, NetGalley reviewer Rhonda Lomazow says.  "The best part is Jane sounds like your best friend; patient, fun, this is a book really worth getting."


Red City Reviews give Organizing for Your Lifestyle 4 Stars! "Jane Stoller has truly put the best of the best in this jam-packed (& meticulously organized) book of organizing bliss.  With spotlights on every room in your house, Stoller created the ultimate guide with Organizing for Your Lifestyle." 


"I highly recommend this book if you want to get more organized with less stress", Danielle from Busy Mom's Helper blog details.


Red City Review says, "All the things you wish your mother (or father) had taught you about organizing your home and life, are here in this book. If you are looking for the answer to all your organizing prayers, Jane Stoller has answered them."


Bekah from Motherhood Moments blog stated, "The tips are specific enough to be helpful, but general enough that they can be tailored to any home situation - single families to families with lots of kids, tiny house to houses with a lot of space, people with almost no time or a lot of time.  The book was easy to read, and easy to use the book to make a big impact." 


Deals Among Us, "The book is broken into well-organized chapter, and within each chapter is an explanation about the storage in that area and her preferred storage and storage tips."


"The author has a wonderfully positive outlook on life. I love her honest opinions and clear tips to getting everything in your life organized.  She starts off the book with a quiz that really helps you evaluate where you are in your life. Then she dives right in and gives you the tips, tricks and tools you need to get your house and beyond in order." States Eliza, read the full review on Kelly's Thoughts On Things Blog


Blogger Mom Mandy started to use advice in the book right away, "I recommend this book if you want to get in control of your stuff. Take small steps like I did with my herbs and spices. After you've done a few smaller organizing tasks you'll feel confident enough to do a bigger job like the pantry or kitchen."  Read the entire story on her blog, Mom Mandy. 


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review has quoted, "The difference between this approach and a typical how-to-organize guide lies in its basic perspectives about clutter. Discussions begin with home organizational challenges, but move beyond systems for re-arranging and filing to consider the bigger picture, providing specific tips that are meant to inspire a reader's own creative processes; not to mimic what worked for author Jane Stoller." 


Jill Sell, a freelance writer who specializes in real estate, homes and gardens writes, "Stoller is likeable. And there is no better time to really get organized than when moving to a new home. Empty closets, bare cabinets, clean garage...just imagine. Stoller, who lives in Switzerland and who is in the construction industry, peppers her book with interesting stats. She cites a study that found people who make their beds have a 19 percent greater chance of getting a better sleep."


Clair Chaytors posted on her book review blog: "This is a wonderful and easy read with a writing style that is informative but in no way preachy. Jane’s manner is very friendly throughout and you really can see that she is simply parting with advice which has stood her in good stead. The book itself is laid out in simple sections, which is perfect if you have a specific area you would prefer to concentrate on. The tips and suggestions are non-nonsense and practical, but above all inspiring."


"I think some people would definitely benefit from reading, Organizing for Your Lifestyle by Jane Stoller. Especially young people just starting out in their own home. Highly recommended! Stated Chaos and Cheer blogger, Melissa. 


Susan quoted in her blog post titled, 5 Habits of Organized People: "Getting and staying organized has been a life-long quest for me. I'm currently reading Jane Stoller's Organizing for Your Lifestyle. It's helping me refocus my efforts and go back to the basics of setting up working systems in our home that everyone in our family understands and use daily."


Laura-Kim, blogger of Harassed but Happy Mom quoted, "This is a real hands on book with practical tips and ideas on how to organize your home and ultimately your life. Jane covers each room in the house, travel and the science behind organization and stress. I found the latter chapter really interesting and actually when you think about it, it makes sense. If our home is organized, our lives are organized which means we are less stressed." 


Canadian Blog, Glimpse recommends, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, as a great holiday gift and is hosting a giveaway. "Jane gives lots of reasons for being organized and de-cluttering - everything from making you feel better to helping you stay on a budget.  There are planet of references to other books - it's easy to tell that Jane has been working on organization for awhile and has read a few other books on the topic to compare!"


Chloe from Life Unexpected Blog writes, "Jane takes you on a really fun path to organizing everything in your little universe.  The book engages you and completely inspires you to start making changes in your life."

 Check out  Life   Unexpected  Blog

Check out Life Unexpected Blog


Violette Willis, review stated, "In her book she breaks it all the way down on organizing your life, not just for the holidays but everyday.  Her tips are simple and adaptable much attributed I'm sure to have lived in Europe and Canada." Read more on her blog


Kristi from, Mom's Own Words blog writes, "from the kitchen to the bathroom, Stoller shares ideas, advice and inspiration to help you lead a happier and healthier life."


The Joyful Organizer recommends Organizing for Your Lifestyle as a 2017 read  quoting, "The ideas are easy to implement and can make a positive impact on your life."


Frances Rebello gives five stars on Goodreads and comments: "When a book is "as neat as its contents", you can't afford to let it pass you by. Organizing for your lifestyle is more than just a habit-altering book, it is a life-transforming-worthy."


SwissLark blogger Lindsey quotes, "Perfect for the meticulous organizer or novice organizer alike.  Stoller has basically created a room-by-room guide to total organization."


"Jane's book is written for everyone - whether you live in a mansion or a one-room flat, or have a large family or just yourself.  She provides tips and tricks that helps you become organized so you can more done easily on a daily basis." Read the full review by Julia on Mini Van Dreams. 


"Fun, non-intimidating approach to getting pulling your life together!" Amazon Customer


Susan states, "I appreciate Jane's detailed and practical approach to organizing. She explains her thoughts behind every organizational tip. She's thought of it all. " Read her full post which includes a giveaway at Organized 31.


"Jane’s Swiss roots and European style stand out throughout the book. She gives a thorough and deep insight on how to organize a closet and gives special advice on what clothes are worth owning and what not. There’s also an extensive explanation (with pictures) in how to hang and fold your clothes, and how to care for them. Lots of good and detailed information on how to organize and evaluate your wardrobe." Neat House Sweet Home


My Thrifty Life, selected various organizing tips to share with blog readers.


"Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases, is more than just a book on organizing.  There's also a ton of great mimimalizing info. Everything from grocery shopping, packing for a vacation getaway, even the science behind deluttering! And since I began reading this book using this inspirations, I've found much less chaos around the home!" Read the full post and enter a giveaway on Jasmine's sigh, Love, Life, Laugh, Motherhood.


"In Jane Stoller’s book, Organizing For Your Lifestyle, it doesn’t take long to see that Jane is passionate about organizing." Read the full review on Book Review Mama


Heidi lists as a top read! "Every chapter outlines common struggles, but Jane offers solutions that can be tailored to YOUR lifestyle.  Rather than giving cookie cutter organizing tips and systems, she encourages you to really think about how you live, what your day to day looks like, and what your priorities are." Heidi's blog offers plenty of décor inspiration, read the full post at Heidi Milton.


 Emma quotes "The book offers both practical advice as well as explaining the psychological benefits of organization." Read the full review on her blog Make your House a Home. 


"This book not only inspires you to begin organizing your spaces, but it is user friendly. Its chapters are arranged by areas and rooms in your home. If you need to tackle organizing your closet, simply refer to Chapter 2 which gives you plenty of great info and tips on closet organization." Read the full blog and view inspiring pictures from Kristian on her blog, A Kristian Lifestyle. 


"Stoller is a true Organization Goddess. Read this book, efficiency shall follow." Reviewed by Jill


"Being a home blogger, I absolutely loved how Jane discussed organizing towels and linens in Chapter 3. You know those pesky fitted sheets that are a pain to fold? Jane gives you step-by-step pictures on how to fold them. Then there’s advice on how to organize, store, and always be guest ready with your towels and linens. We’re talking about putting a cute little ribbon around a set for your guests." Elizabeth from Within The Grove


"I'm excited to set the inspiration I gained after reading Jane Stoller's book into action. I started with my coat closet last weekend and I'm moving onto my bedroom closet and linen closet this weekend." Julie from Shelter interior design blog quotes. 


Colette from Jamerican Spice recommends the book. "This book is so very detailed! I love how she puts the information together. Listen, if you need the help, you will definitely find more than one areas in this book that will work great for you!"


Robin from Keep Home Simple states "Jane gives great suggestions on how to store things in your closet.  However, I like that she says there's not a hard and fast, right or wrong way.  She encourages you to do what works best for you.  I think that's one of the things that I liked best about her book.  She gives you some ideas and sets you free to do what you like for your own situation."


"In Organizing for Your Lifestyle, Jane Stoller perfectly combines common sense with her remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. A good book, definitely worth reading!" Quotes series reviewer Scila of The Serial Reader Blog. 


 "I cannot wait to use some of Jane’s tips to de-clutter and organise.  The book will be a guide for each room as I tackle the different sections of my house." Quotes Raising Fairies and Knights blogger.


From Oak Tree Reviews, "Organizing for Your Lifestyle was very enjoyable to read, partly because the author’s use of first person gave the book a personal feel. What makes the book powerful is that Stoller talks a little bit about quite a lot of topics, giving the reader very specific organisational tips to incorporate in their own lives."


Blogger Jill from Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom happily reviewed and stated: "The author Jane does a wonderful job writing about how to organize items such as clothing, shoes, kitchen items, towels, accessories and more in sensible and effective ways."


"Organizing for Your Lifestyle is just the right size for the busy mom because it provides the information you need in under 130 pages. You can slip it in your purse and read it a little at time--maybe take some notes--and put together a plan of action. The pictures are an added bonus."  


"Jane's book offers a no nonsense approach to organizing everything from your drawers, to your closets, to your kitchen, garage, and travel receipts." Sheila from MyKentucky Living 


Linda from The Industrious Homemaker reviewed the book and stated: "One thing I like is that Ms. Stoller never states that one way or another is the way you should organize a particular area or even that it’s the best way to organize that area. She talks about fitting organizing into your lifestyle. That is refreshing."


Isabel from This Wild Home started organizing right away after reading "So here's how I've been using Jane's book: Pick a room, find the chapter most relevant, and get started!"


"Jane also dives into your individual personality before dosing out her organization advice. This helps set the tone for how I took her words and interpreted them into my own life. Normally organization books just go into the job of telling you how to organise your stuff, but she took the time to sit down and adapt and discuss your own style!" My Own Home


"If you are ready to get more organised, do some decluttering, and just feel more in control of your daily habits and lifestyle then pick up this book! You won't be sorry!" Carrie Kurtz


"So when I was struggling with cleaning and organizing everything, Jane Stoller magically appeared! She’s an author of a book called “Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases”. In the first part of the book she says that studies show that the less organized we are the more stressed we are! And that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?"  Aga in America


"Jane Stoller wrote about her own experience with minimalism, in a piece that emphasizes it’s unique embodiment in everyone." The Wise Willow


"One thing I loved about the book is that it's not huge, so it makes it perfect for reading on a busy day.  It has become my go to for organizing.  I remembered reading about hangers, and when I was organizing my closet last week, I picked it back up and quickly read through it all again."  Sandra wrote on her Family Corner page. 


"My favorite part of the book is the way in which it is organized; each chapter serves as a guide to a different space." The Cozy Home Chronicles


"At 129 pages, it’s a quick and easy read full of organizing and decluttering goodness. My first impression? OMG this woman gets me. Sweet Valley High books? Yep, I had those and I kept them organised too." The Simple Classy Life


"Organizing for Your Lifestyle has completely changed my way of life! I had no idea how unorganized I was, and how that could be negatively affecting all other aspects of my life." Chelsea  from Housewife


Kelly from, You, Me and The 6 C's, reviewed and summarizes each chapter, stating  "I really enjoyed this book and found the tips in it really useful."


"If Marie Kondo was too intense for you or unrealistic for your lifestyle, meet Jane Stoller. Jane Stoller’s book Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases will be the book for you.  While she sings many praises of Kondo, Jane’s ideas, tips, and methods are truly a breath of fresh air, and most importantly – attainable! I also loved that the book read like a chatty conversation between girlfriends." Decorology Blog


"So I applaud Jane that she not only wrote an informative and easy-to-read book. . . but maybe without her realizing it, she has helped fill a niche of home economics knowledge that I feel has been lost. . .Aside from that, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed readying Jane's book both times. . .I expected a stiff and boring DIY with step-by-step 'best ways' and illustrations. . .Honestly, I've seen one too many of those. . .But Jane captivated my interest. . .Her writing is inviting and personable. . .She speaks enthusiastically of the impact that organization can have on  our LIFESTYLE in a non-irritating, non-judgemental manner. . .She makes it plain from the beginning that you aren't required to copy her organization skills. . .She simply wants to INSPIRE. ." The Country Farm Home


A Christmas gift recommendation for 2017! Pick up a copy for anyone in your life that needs a little organization. The Real Housewife of Scottsdale


"Her book certainly has inspired me! I got into it right away. Not only because it outlined some realistic goals, but it was interactive as well. I took the quiz in the beginning of the book to learn the results of my organizing lifestyle. I wasn’t surprised about my score range, but I did learn that I was more organized than I thought when it comes to shopping."  Small Town Rambler


"Jane provides some very valuable advice that can help everyone be organized in every occasion" A Wanderer's Adventures


"If you’re looking to streamline and organise your home, then I would definitely recommend this book for inspiration, motivation and ideas." Blissful Domestication


"Organizing For Your Lifestyle" will immediately inspire you. Organizing Motherhood


"The book itself is organized (no pun intended) well, beginning with the science behind organization (aspects of which are fascinating), and continues on with tips and tricks for organizing various aspects of a modern woman’s life: the closet, the bathroom, the kitchen, travel, books and storage." Pearls, Lace and Grace


Written by Jane Stoller, but made for everyone. I was sent this book last month and loved it! Sophies Suitcase


"This book is filled for practical and useful advice that you can instantly implement in your life. It is extremely easy and quick book to read with photos that illustrate Jane's advice. This book provides guidance that can be adapted to your lifestyle as a parent or as single lady travelling the world. I would highly recommend buying this book in the future."  Lady Bug Home


"Planning to organize or re-organize your home? Your entire life? Here’s the inspiration you need. I have just finished reading the book Organizing for your Lifestyle by Jane Stoller (cover to cover…every single word!) and am filled with ideas and plans to organize more than just my home." Fabulous Mom Life


Just like Jane mentioned in her book, being organized will save you time and money and I have seriously saved some money by getting the pantry and my grocery list organized.  My Thrifty House


I find refreshing that this book doesn’t force an extra minimalist lifestyle on the reader to be organized. Another House Blog




One of the main struggles with getting more organized is knowing where to start and what sort of process to take. One step I have taken is reading the book Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases by Jane Stoller. This book offers wonderful tips for organizing different parts of your home, but more importantly, Stoller points out how setting goals and being more organized can alleviate stress in your life. Mama at Heart


"Stoller does an excellent job of presenting her information without overwhelming her reader." The Simply Joyful Life


In her book, Jane also shares insightful advice on how to get organized for a trip, different home organizing techniques (and reasons why it pays to keep it tidy), plus other benefits of staying organized, like reducing stress and being able to manage your day and life that much easier. Inspirations and Celebrations


These points alone are enough to make me have a stronger desire and personal enthusiasm for organizing my posessions." Home Living


"I loved the chapter on Travel, Stoller breaks down everything from exactly what to keep in a travel wallet to how to pack toiletries and best carry-on luggage. She lists (from her own extensive experience) the clothing and accessories that she has found most useful and functional…even sharing tips on folding techniques." Beautiful Touches


I’m a professional organizer and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Mary 


 Amanda organized her office after reading, Our Humble Abode 



"If you’re someone who really loves clothing, you have a lot of it, and you don’t want to get rid of much- I recommend Jane’s approach. She definitely recommends decluttering and buying less (quality over quantity), but she also has a love for clothing that extends beyond what can fit in your dresser drawers and a tiny closet." Starry Eyed Blonde


Heather from Mysa Home Styling extracted organizing details for the bathroom chapter and included wonderful pictures of her own organizing project. 


"I'm excited today to introduce you to Jane Stoller! Jane is the author of the book "Organizing For Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases". This morning Jane shares her thoughts on how to organize your books! Huge thank you to Jane for this amazing post!" An Organized Life




ulie from, Fab Working Mom Life, took the time to review and pull many of Jane's advice into a nice organized chart. See below for an excerpt from her review and the following image including her charts.


"I liked how there were chapters for each area of the home – from closets, to bathrooms, to kitchens, to bookshelves. Everyone can pick some detail that can help apply to their situation, and that’s what the purpose of the book is. It just takes a little focus and reading to pull out these gems. So I took the liberty to collect some of them for you."

  "Reading  “Organizing for your Lifestyle”  was like having a meaningful conversation with a close friend who had my best interests at heart. A few pages into her book Jane writes, “Being organized means that you don’t have to think about organizing all the time.” A light bulb went off in my head and I realised she was RIGHT!"  Read the full blog post on  R.K.C. Southern

"Reading “Organizing for your Lifestyle” was like having a meaningful conversation with a close friend who had my best interests at heart. A few pages into her book Jane writes, “Being organized means that you don’t have to think about organizing all the time.” A light bulb went off in my head and I realised she was RIGHT!" Read the full blog post on R.K.C. Southern