Good Morning 

La La Land Interview 

Jane joins the hosts at Good Morning La La Land in West Hollywood to discuss all things organzing 

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Author Jane Stoller discusses her book and getting ready for Spring 2018

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CJOB Morning Radio Show 

Jane talk's about how organizing can reduce stress in everyone's lives.  Also mentioned is her tech start-up in the construction industry.

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Idea Mensch


"Being organized is fun once you get the right system for your lifestyle." Jane Stoller

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Home Business Magazine

From Construction Queen to Lifestyle & Organiziational Guru. Jane is interviewed about her new busineses.

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Vibrant Happy Women Podcast


Jane is the author of Organizing for Your Lifestyle, which provides inspiration to make organization fit YOUR needs.

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  • Ms Career Girl Blog Post interivews Jane on her top tips for busy career women 
  • Exclusive interview with Jane Stoller  where she shared more about her book and organizing tips. Read the full interview on, Our Parenting World.  
  • Urban Suburban Mommy dedicated a blog post to, Organize, Declutter, You'll Feel Better, where Jane Stoller gives her top 5 organizing tips. including what items are essential for closet organization.
  • Sharon from Hobbies on a Budget posted an interview with Jane Stoller that included tidbits about where Jane's organizing encouragement came from and several organizing questions answered. 
  • 24 Savvy gives key tips from author and queen organiser Jane Stoller for how to declutter your home, and live a more organised life.
  • Tamara interviewed organizing guru, Jane Stoller, author of “Organizing for Your Lifestyle” asking 5 key questions including "What is your favorite system for dealing with mail and papers that come into the house?" Provident Home Design


  • Fearlessly Creative Mamma's listed Organizing for Your Lifestyle, as a great gift idea for Christmas!
  • Laura from, The Productive Woman, adds Organizing for Your Lifestyle, to her non-fiction reading list for 2017
  • Larissa Roberts loved the book saying it "felt like I was talking to a real person who just wrote about what works for her in a practical way not an out of touch author". Find her live video book review on her Facebook page

Review VIDEO's

  • Published on August 21st, 2017, The Magnolia Housewife posted  "In Organize My Closet With Me Organizing For Your Lifestyle, I show the transformation of my closet based upon the book Organizing For Your Lifestyle by Jane Stoller."
  • Published on July 28th, 2017, Nikki Moreno mentioned, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, in her July 2017 | Monthly Favourites